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When it comes to corrosion protection regular primers and paints, and even zinc rich coatings, function as barrier coatings at best against the elements. Hot dip galvanizing while an excellent corrosion inhibitor can only be performed on new fabrications and at the galvanizing plant. GalvaCote a new and unique corrosion protection zinc rich coating, formulated by Liquiguard Technologies, offers a multi-modal corrosion protection system. GalvaCote is a cutting edge galvanizing formula with the performance of hot dip and the flexibility to be applied in situ. The application is as simple as applying conventional paint.

Long Term Corrosion Protection

Corrosion Protection

Long Term Corrosion Protection

When it comes to corrosion protection regular primers and paints function as barriers, at best, against the elements. They simply delay the inevitable as they cannot prevent the eventual passage of moisture through the coating.

Galvanizing is the most effective corrosion protection


Bright Zinc Finish Galvzin Protection

Hot-dip galvanizing after fabrication has been specified to combat steel corrosion in the harshest environments throughout various markets. However, new technologies and creative chemistries evolve the specification and use of hot-dip galvanized steel constantly as new markets emerge.

Clear Rust Corrosion Protection

Clear Corrosion Protection

A Clear Choice In Corrosion Protection

SILCOTE-CR, an inorganic hybrid polymer, represents an exciting technology that can provide a clear high gloss and durable corrosion protection surface unlike anything available on the market today.

Steel Corrosion protection

Corrosion is a multifaceted phenomenon that adversely affects and causes deterioration in metals through oxidization. Billions of dollars are lost annually, throughout the metal industry that can be attributed to steel corrosion.

FerraCote converts rust into stable metal

FerraCote is a water based latex emulsion that chemically converts commonly occurring red rust, Fe2O3, to a black crystalline solid, FeO. It dries to a tough, long lasting, black protective coating.

RustCote - Provides a barrier of rust protection

RustCote is a water based top coat specifically designed to be applied over unpainted and painted steel surfaces. Despite all efforts, including rust prevention primers, painted and powder coated structures, equipment and vehicles in coastal regions face severe corrosion related failures.

CoilProtek - Prevents the oxidation and degradation of aluminum and copper

CoilProtek is a totally water based protective coating formulated to prevent the oxidation and degradation of aluminum and copper heat dispersion fins, tubing and other non-ferrous components that make up the structure of air conditioner condensing units and evaporator coils.

MetalPro - Prevents the occurrence of flash rust and corrosion

MetalPro prevents the occurrence of flash rust and corrosion on ferrous metal such as mild steel and cast iron. It creates a dry, durable film that bonds with the coated surface preventing water, moisture and other contaminates from directly attacking the metal surface.

Clear Steel Coating Rust Protection
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