SilCote-CR is a clear, tough and durable corrosion protective coating for unpainted steel


Prevents the occurrence of flash rust and corrosion


MetalPro prevents the occurrence of flash rust and corrosion on ferrous metal such as mild steel and cast iron.

It is designed protect furniture, sculptures, tools, equipment and similar objects from corrosion without the need of primers, topcoats, etc. Unprotected steel is extremely susceptible to moisture and liquids and has a tendency to corrode almost immediately upon exposure. This is an ongoing process and if left uncontrolled it will eventually result in total loss of the object. MetalPro will prevent the occurrence of rust while maintaining the natural appearance of the coated object.

MetalPro is an off white liquid that will air dry to a clear, tough and durable coating. The dry film bonds tenaciously to the metal surface and acts as a barrier against the intrusion of liquids and other contaminants. When moisture, in the form of vapor, does permeate through the film, powerful corrosion inhibitors in MetalPro prevent the moisture from attacking the iron or steel surface. Thus it is possible to enjoy the natural appearance of the metal for years without having to apply paint or other types of barrier coatings.

MetalPro Application

MetalPro is available in four ounce to one gallon packing sizes. It is extremely easy to apply using a brush, roller or airless sprayer. The coating will become dry to the touch in 10 to 15 minutes at ambient temperature of 77°F. It will continue to cure over the next 72 hours and develop its optimal protective properties. Objects to be coated should be free of all surface dirt, rust and other contaminants. Coated objects maybe retreated as and when necessary. MetalPro can also be used as a very effective primer coat and will accept most commonly available water or solvent based top coats. There are no fumes, odors or other hazards associated with the use of MetalPro.

MetalPro Clean up

All normal precautions for use, storage and handling should be exercised as with any other paint product. Work area, tools, spills, etc. can be easily rinsed with fresh, clean water. When applying MetalPro via spraying, make sure to protect surrounding areas from overspray. Wipe off excess and run-offs immediately with a damp rag or sponge. If necessary, MetalPro can be tinted or pigmented with water based tints or pigments.


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